Journey for Truth

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Date Posted: December 24th, 2017, 4:10 pm

Author Notes

So for anyone who'd been asking nope this comic isn't dead, it's still twitching. While I guess you could say I'm technically off hiatus this thing ain't gonna be updating too often just cause I'm hella busy. But still, not dead here.

Anyways this prooobably isn't the update y'all'd be expecting next and that's because I'm retconning the shopping update. That never happened, Nathan has never said a word to Lucas or Barry, he's just some weird dude that showed up out of the woods one day and now lives in the professor's house with his cat. The shopping update was fun to draw but I was always kinda iffy on making it canon, and since the last time I updated, some things have changed that I gotta go ahead and establish now. :'D I was a little impatient to get to the nuzlocke portion of this comic so strange as it seems, I probably rushed it, whoops.

So, two or three more parts of this before we catch up to the last actual update (This would've been over twice as long with the rest of this segment I wanted to include but I really wanted to post for Christmas whoops) and then we can finally roll out. That's enough out of me so happy Christmas y'all. <3


You don't know how excited I was to see an update for this comic! :)
<3 loving it sofar. neat concept for a pokemon journey story