Journey for Truth

Update 22- Part 2

Date Posted: May 1st, 2019, 4:10 am
Incidentally, I have called 1-800-MIXALOT twice. The first time during the day, it said I was not qualified to call that numbe. The second time was around 3am, which is how I found out that it's now being used as a sex line iirc.

Author Notes

*squints at update*
I've been looking at this thing for too long and it still doesn't feel quite right, but y'know. *shrug* Maybe I will redo this one day.
Replies! @Critic: Haha, I'm glad you like it!

@Goosygander: Hah, thanks! I've always loved Sinnoh, so it'll be fun time for me. xD And thanks on the interiors! <3 I been trying to work on doing them better, so I'm gladd it turned out okay!

@Nashew: Omg, thanks! I'm glad you like them both! sadfg I'm hardly a master though, I just like drawing dumb pokemon comics. ;w;


So he's heading for the league? Cool.
@Cherry: Yep yep.
Barry and waiting do not go in the same sentence unless there is a "not" between them
@WiispNightmare: Indeed xD
This comic is awsome!! Your take on a different prospective is very original and i will always love the sinnoh run the best :D
@LouLouBaBa: Oh gosh, high praise, there are so many good runs. :'D I am honored. Thanks!
Rowan has the best shirt.
@Flamelight7: Hehe, yes, it is my favorite thing.
N is probably one of my favorite characters ever, and this comic is just pure awesomeness!
Y'know, I never thought to simply take N's hair off in order to make a new character...until now!!
And I have to agree with one of the other comments, Kanto and Sinnoh are my two favorite runs of the series! Johto was cool but not my absolute fave...thx for making this cool spin on it!
You interiors are well done. :)
Holy crap. This, along with your other Nuzlocke comic, are both extremely well-drawn and well-written. This is the kind of writing and art that I aspire to. You're clearly a master of your craft. :D
@AgentNein: oh man this is really goood!!
Gorgeous comic can't wait for more!
Will this comic be continued? It has been a year...